January 2020

January we made our way out of Texas, and into New Mexico. We learned that colleges love to put a giant letter on the hillside above their town, and some towns get in on the action. West Texas is for the most part a desolate waste land. Inland CBP check points are in more places than you might think. New Mexico enraptured us with its landscapes.

San Antonio TX
Stayed over the new year, and had an amazing time with friends. The bike trail along the San Antonio river was the highlight of our stay.

Junction TX
We stayed one night at Pecan Valley RV Park. It was small, with an adjacent pecan tree farm. A nice place for a one night stop over. We drove through Junction TX, and checked out an overlook.

Fort Stockton TX
Stayed the week at Fort Stockton RV Park. Lots of long stay folks at this park, we assumed for the fracking and oil jobs. The town had the Paisano Pete statue, and a nice wine tasting bar at the Grey Mule Saloon. We feel like this town is probably a one night stop over at best.

Van Horn TX
Another one night stay at Southern Star RV Park. We stopped in Marfa TX between Fort Stockton and Van Horn. Marfa was a really artsy town, and on the way out we checked out the Prada Marfa installation, and also saw the Tethered Aerostat on our way out of town. Van Horn also a one night stop over at best.

Elephant Butte NM/Truth or Consequences NM

Stayed at the Elephant Butte Lake RV Resort, which was lovely. This park had an indoor pool/hot tub/exercise room. At this time of year was full of mostly longer term retirees or full timers. The views are amazing, not much going on in Elephant Butte commerce-wise but the earth dam and hydro dam are worth seeing. The town of Truth or Consequences has lots to check out, we went to the River Bend Hot Springs twice, the brewery a few times, and repeat visits to the Bigfoot and the Point Blanc Winery. While in the area and to get an oil change we visited Mesilla, Las Cruces, and White Sands National Monument. In another weekend headed north to see the Petroglyph National Monument, old town Albuquerque. The following weekend we headed into the “ghost town” of Chloride and with trepidation ventured up a dubious road/trail to make our way into the Gila National Forest, which, dubious roads aside, was great views and a 4 hour dirt “road” adventure.

In summary New Mexico was amazing, and we had a great time. We could not get enough of the mountains, the desert landscape, and the incredible environmental changes from driving an hour in any different direction.