February 2020

We thoroughly enjoyed New Mexico in January and made our way to Cochise County in Arizona for February. We explored many places in SE Arizona while we were based out of Wilcox.

But first the drive out of New Mexico – we took a windy road through a chunk of Gila National Forest and had some great views. Driving up and down this road was pretty steep and lots of switchbacks, but we made it fine. There were lots of pull-offs to take pictures and see the amazing views.

Our next big adventure was heading down near the border to Coronado National Memorial and the Montezuma pass. We did some hiking once we got up to the pass and it was amazing views. We saw a road runner up at the pass, and we hiked up to the peak past the parking lot. The dirt road to get to the pass was nice, but so many switchbacks and the cliff edge was intense.

Next we had lunch in Bisbee; this town is a mining town turned art town. It was pretty cool to walk around because they had art everywhere, even nailed to the walls in alleyways. Drove through the touristy bits of Tombstone and did not really stop, it did not seem like our scene.

The following weekend we drove out to Chiricahua National Monument. This place was mind blowing, the pinnacles and rocks were nothing like I’ve ever seen before. We hiked 4 miles of very up and down trail through the pinnacles and it pushed us to our limit, but it was totally worth it.

We day tripped to Tucson Arizona to see the sights. Drove up most of Mount Lemmon, which was hair raising on the way up and down. There were bicyclists going up that road, which is definitely taking your life in your hands. Made our way to the Saguaro National Park, saw many cactus. Finally we visited the Fiesta de Los Vaqueros rodeo and watched many talented people do crazy things with horses and cows. Also we stopped by “The Thing” although we did not pay to see the exhibit, but they have a HUGE gift shop where you can buy every knickknack you can imagine.

We visited friends in Gold Canyon, and day tripped Estrella War. The event was very different than Pennsic, more like a very large normal SCA event but with food trucks. Another big different was that animals were everywhere, mostly dogs, a cat, and 2 llamas. Finally we stopped by Casa Grande National Monument on our way back from our visit.

February was a month of exploring South East Arizona, enjoying many glorious sunsets. We saw a super moon rise when we first arrived, and so many cactus.

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